ICB Pharma is a research-based, family owned company with core competencies in the fields of health care and sanitary hygiene.

To ensure that ICB maintains it’s reputation as a leader in quality and effective products, it has its own research and development laboratory to continually develop formulation enhancements. Our research activity is aimed at the development of „quasi-phama” and sanitary hygiene products based on unique solid core micro and nano encapsulation technology.

Our research work focus on controlled chemical delivery system based on nano- and micro-encapsulation technology. Main part of our sales revenue comes from our export activity.

We export our finished products to Russia, Ukraine, Central and Eastern European countries, as well as to most of EC member countries. Among the Europe is our main market for finished products, our export is also focused on United States, Latin America as well as South-East Asia which are still growing markets for our technology and finished products frequently launched under private label.